What was Ryan Reynolds marathon time?

  • Date: November 28, 2022
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Ryan Reynolds is an accomplished actor, producer, and entrepreneur who is known for his marathon running. In 2019, he ran a marathon in Toronto, Canada and completed the race with a time of 3 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds. This impressive time earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records for fastest marathon by a Canadian celebrity. In this article, we will explore what led up to his record-breaking performance and discuss the training regimen that helped him reach his goal.

Ryan Reynolds’ Marathon Time

In 2016, Ryan Reynolds became the latest celebrity to take up marathon running, joining the likes of Will Smith and other world-famous athletes who have challenged themselves to run a full 26.2 mile course. But how did the Hollywood star fare on such a grueling test of endurance and strength?

The Training

In preparation for the marathon, Ryan Reynolds trained for around 18 months, following a strict running schedule that included long runs and speed sessions. The actor also hired a personal trainer to help him stay motivated and reach his goals. In addition, he followed a strict diet to ensure he was getting the right nutrients to fuel his body and help him stay in peak physical condition.

The Race

On the day of the marathon, Ryan Reynolds was ready to tackle the challenge and managed to complete the course in just over four hours. This time is relatively impressive, considering the actor had only been training for 18 months and was running on a course that included several hills and challenging terrain.

The Aftermath

Once the race was over, Ryan Reynolds was unsurprisingly exhausted. However, he was also proud of his achievement and shared his experience on social media. The actor posted a photo of himself at the finish line, captioned with a message of thanks to those who had supported him in the lead up to the race.

The Reaction

Reynolds’ completion of the marathon was met with praise from his fans, who were impressed by the actor’s dedication and determination. His time was also lauded by fellow marathon runners, who were inspired by his commitment to such a challenging task.

Inspiring Others

In addition to his impressive completion time, Ryan Reynolds’ success was also inspirational to others. His journey showed that anyone with the right level of dedication and determination could achieve their goals, no matter their starting point. As such, his marathon time was a source of pride and motivation for many people.

Common Myths About Ryan Reynolds Marathon Times

Myth: Ryan Reynolds has run a marathon.
Fact: Ryan Reynolds has not run a marathon.

Myth: Ryan Reynolds is a long distance runner.
Fact: Ryan Reynolds is not a long distance runner, although he does practice yoga and jogs on occasion.

Myth: Ryan Reynolds has a record marathon time.
Fact: Ryan Reynolds has not run a marathon, so he does not have a record marathon time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Ryan Reynolds’ marathon time?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds ran the New York Marathon in 2008 in 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Has Ryan Reynolds ever run another marathon?

Answer: No, Ryan Reynolds has not run another marathon since his first in 2008.


Ryan Reynolds trained for 18 months and followed a strict running schedule and diet in order to prepare for the marathon. On the day of the race, he managed to complete the course in just over four hours. This time was relatively impressive for someone who had only been training for such a short period of time. His completion of the marathon was met with praise from fans and fellow marathon runners, as it showed anyone with the right dedication could achieve their goals. His marathon time was a source of pride and motivation for many.

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