How do you keep a puppy calm when cutting his nails?

  • Date: April 22, 2021
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Having a puppy can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that puppies need to be taken care of just like any other pet. One of the most important aspects of puppy care is nail trimming, which can be a stressful and difficult experience for both you and your pup. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your puppy calm and relaxed while you cut his nails. With a little patience and preparation, you can ensure that the nail trimming process is as stress-free as possible.

Why Nail Trimming is Necessary for a Puppy

Nail trimming is an important part of caring for a puppy. Not only does it help keep their nails from becoming overgrown and uncomfortable, but it also helps maintain the health of their paws. Overly long nails can cause pain and even lead to injury, particularly if the nails become ingrown. In addition, nail trimming can be beneficial for behavioral reasons, as it can help keep a pup from becoming overly sensitive or aggressive when touched.

How to Prepare for a Nail Trimming Session

It’s important to prepare for a nail trimming session before you actually start the process. First, make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need nail clippers, a grinder, and some styptic powder (which can be purchased at most pet stores). You’ll also want to have a few treats on hand, as well as a comfortable area for your pup to lay down.

The next step is to familiarize your puppy with the process. Start by gently touching their paws and then gradually progress to holding their paw and touching their nails. Offer lots of praise and treats during this process. You should also let your pup sniff the nail clippers and grinder before you start.

How to Keep Your Puppy Calm During Nail Trimming

Once you’re ready to start the nail trimming process, the most important thing is to keep your puppy calm. Start by speaking softly and reassuringly. Make sure the pup is comfortable, and keep the session short. You should also take breaks if the pup starts to get agitated.

Make sure you only trim a small amount of nail at a time. If you trim too much, it will be painful for the pup and they may become scared. You should also be aware that the quick (the pink part of the nail) may be longer in puppies than in adult dogs. This means you should be extra careful when trimming to avoid cutting the quick.

It can also be helpful to use distractions to keep your puppy calm. Offer treats throughout the session, and take breaks for cuddles and play. You can also play music or turn on the TV in the background.

After the Nail Trimming Session

When the nail trimming session is over, make sure to reward your pup with lots of praise and treats. You can also give them a special toy or play a game to help them associate the experience with something positive.

Finally, if you do accidentally cut the quick, use the styptic powder to stop the bleeding. It’s important to keep your puppy calm during this process and make sure they don’t lick the area.

Nail trimming can be a stressful experience for both pup and owner. However, with the right preparation and care, you can make the process go more smoothly and keep your pup calm throughout.

###Common Myths About Cutting a Puppy’s Nails
1. Myth: Cutting your puppy’s nails will hurt them.
Fact: If done correctly, cutting your puppy’s nails should not hurt them. It is important to use the right tools, cut only the tips of the nails, and make sure to not cut into the quick. If done correctly, the process should be no more than a minor annoyance for your pup.

2. Myth: It is impossible to keep a puppy calm while cutting his nails.
Fact: It is possible to keep your puppy calm while cutting their nails. It is important to use positive reinforcement and to establish a routine for nail cutting. Additionally, you can use treats to help keep your pup focused on something other than the procedure.

3. Myth: You should not cut your puppy’s nails.
Fact: It is important to regularly trim your puppy’s nails. If left unclipped, your puppy’s nails can grow too long and cause discomfort. Additionally, long nails can cause your puppy to slip and injure themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a puppy used to having its nails cut?

Answer: To get your puppy used to having its nails cut, start by handling its paws and gently massaging them for a few minutes each day. This will help your pup become more comfortable with having its paws handled. Then, when you are ready to cut their nails, use treats and reward them with positive reinforcement when they remain calm during the process.

How often should I cut my puppy’s nails?

Answer: It is recommended that you cut your puppy’s nails every two to three weeks. If you start to notice your pup’s nails growing too long between cuts, then it may be time to shorten them.



Nail trimming is an important part of caring for a puppy and should be done regularly. Before trimming, make sure to have the right tools and familiarize your pup with the process. During the trimming session, keep your pup calm by speaking softly and offering treats. If you accidentally cut the quick, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Finally, reward your pup with praise and treats after the session. With preparation and care, nail trimming can be a safe and positive experience for your pup.

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