How often should a German Shepherd be walked?

  • Date: September 28, 2021
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German Shepherds are intelligent, active dogs that require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. As an owner of a German Shepherd, it is important to know how often and how far you should be walking your pup. The amount of exercise your German Shepherd needs will depend on their age, size, and overall activity level. With the right amount of exercise, you can ensure your German Shepherd remains healthy and well-behaved.

Benefits of Regular Exercise for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are intelligent, energetic, and loyal dogs that make excellent family pets. They love to play and explore outdoors, and to stay healthy and happy, they need regular exercise. Taking your German Shepherd for a walk is a great way to provide them with the physical and mental stimulation they need. But how often should a German Shepherd be walked?

Daily Walks for Optimal Exercise

In general, it is recommended that you walk your German Shepherd for at least 30 minutes per day, preferably twice a day. This can be broken up into shorter walks if needed. The important thing is that your dog is getting regular exercise that is both stimulating and strenuous. Longer walks can be beneficial, but it is important to keep in mind that German Shepherds are a large breed and may tire easily.

It is also important to note that the frequency and duration of your walks will depend on the age, size, and health of your dog. Puppies, for example, should not be taken on long walks and should only be walked a few times each week. Senior dogs and those with health issues may need to take more frequent, but shorter, walks.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is essential for German Shepherds, as it helps them stay physically fit, healthy, and happy. Exercise helps to keep their joints strong, their muscles toned, and their cardiovascular system functioning properly. Exercise also helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom, which can lead to behavioral problems.

Exercise can also help to improve the bond between you and your German Shepherd. Spending time together, whether it’s a long walk or a quick game of fetch, can help to build trust, understanding, and companionship.

Variety is Key

In addition to walking, there are a variety of other activities that you can do with your German Shepherd to provide them with the exercise they need. These activities can include jogging, swimming, playing fetch, agility courses, and games like hide-and-seek.

It is important to keep your dog’s exercise routine interesting by varying the activities you do with them. This will ensure that they are getting the stimulation they need and that they remain engaged and excited to exercise.

Safety First

It is important to keep safety in mind when exercising your German Shepherd. You should always keep your dog on a leash when walking and make sure that you are in a safe, secure area. You should also be aware of your dog’s health and never push them past their limits. If your dog appears to be tired or is exhibiting any signs of discomfort, it is best to take a break and resume when they are feeling better.

Overall, walking your German Shepherd is an excellent way to provide them with the exercise they need. It is important to keep the frequency and duration of your walks appropriate for your dog’s age, size, and health. Variety is key when it comes to exercise, so be sure to mix up the activities you do with your dog. And most importantly, safety should always come first.

###Common Myths about How Often a German Shepherd Should be Walked

1. Myth: A German Shepherd only needs to be walked once a day.

Fact: German Shepherds are active and energetic dogs who need to be walked multiple times a day. It is recommended that German Shepherds are walked twice a day for at least 30 minutes each time to ensure that their physical, mental and emotional needs are met.

2. Myth: German Shepherds can get enough exercise in a fenced-in yard.

Fact: While a fenced-in yard can provide a safe place for your German Shepherd to get some physical activity and run around, it is not enough to meet their exercise needs. A German Shepherd needs to be taken on walks to provide them with the opportunity to explore and stimulate their minds.

3. Myth: German Shepherds don’t need to be walked during cold weather.

Fact: German Shepherds still need to be taken on regular walks and exercised even in cold weather. Cold weather can actually be great for a German Shepherd as it provides them with the opportunity to build up their fur coat and stay warm. However, ensure that your German Shepherd is properly bundled up to stay safe and warm during cold weather walks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a German Shepherd be walked?

Answer: German Shepherds should be walked for at least 30 minutes per day, although longer walks are beneficial for the breed.

How far can a German Shepherd be walked in one outing?

Answer: It depends on the individual dog’s fitness level and age, but on average, German Shepherds can be walked for up to 5 miles in one outing.



Regular exercise is essential for German Shepherds and should be done at least 30 minutes per day, preferably twice a day. However, the frequency and duration should be adjusted depending on the age, size, and health of the dog. Benefits of regular exercise include improved physical and mental health, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved bond between owner and dog. There are also many activities that can be done with German Shepherds in addition to walking, such as jogging, agility courses, and games. Safety should always be a priority when exercising and owners should be aware of their dog’s health and never push them too far.

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