Do dogs like clean beds?

  • Date: October 10, 2022
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Having a clean and comfortable bed for your pup to sleep on is essential for their overall well-being. But do dogs actually care if their bed is clean or not? It’s an interesting question that many pet owners have asked themselves. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of clean beds for dogs and explore whether dogs actually prefer clean beds over dirty ones. We’ll also discuss what you can do to ensure your pup’s bed is as clean and comfortable as possible. So get ready to learn more about how your pup feels about clean beds!

Do Dogs Like Clean Beds?

Dogs are one of the most beloved pets in the world. Not only because of their unconditional love and loyalty, but also because they are incredibly clean animals. Many pet owners may wonder if dogs really care about having clean beds. The answer is a resounding yes! Dogs prefer clean beds because they are more comfortable and help keep them healthy.

What Makes a Bed Clean for Dogs?

A clean bed for a dog should be free from dirt, debris, and any other foreign material that could cause discomfort or illness. As with humans, a clean bed is essential for a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. It is important to keep the bedding clean and free of any bacteria or parasites that could cause infection or irritation.

In addition to being free of dirt and debris, a clean bed should also be free of odors. Dogs have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell, so any strong odors can be unpleasant for them. Regular washing and changing of bedding can help keep odors at bay and make the bed more comfortable for your pet.

Benefits of Clean Beds

A clean bed is important for a dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Keeping your pet’s bedding clean can help reduce the risk of skin infections, parasites, and other illnesses. It can also help reduce the risk of fleas and other pests, which can be dangerous for both you and your pet.

In addition to keeping your pet healthy, a clean bed can also help keep your pet comfortable. A clean and cozy bed can provide a sense of security and contentment for your pet. Additionally, regular washing and changing of bedding can help remove any allergens or irritants that could be causing your pet discomfort.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Bed Clean

Keeping your pet’s bedding clean is an important part of pet care. The best way to keep your pet’s bedding clean is to wash it regularly. Most bedding can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle. If your pet’s bedding is made of a delicate fabric, you may want to hand-wash it or take it to a professional cleaner.

In addition to washing the bedding, you should also vacuum it regularly. Vacuuming can help remove any dirt, debris, or allergens that may have become trapped in the fabric. Additionally, you should also regularly check the bed for any signs of wear and tear, such as rips or tears, and replace the bedding if necessary.


Overall, it is clear that dogs prefer clean beds to ensure their health and comfort. Keeping your pet’s bedding clean is an important part of pet care, and can help reduce the risk of illness, parasites, and other pests. Regular washing and changing of bedding, as well as vacuuming and checking for signs of wear and tear can help keep your pet’s bed comfortable and clean.

Common Myths about Dogs and Clean Beds

Myth: Dogs Prefer Messy Beds

Though dogs may be content to lounge on a couch or a bed that hasn’t been recently cleaned, they actually enjoy a clean and comfortable environment just like humans do. Cleaning your dog’s bedding regularly can help keep them healthier and more content.

Myth: Dogs Don’t Care About Cleanliness

Dogs can recognize and appreciate cleanliness. They may even try to keep their beds and other areas that they frequent clean by moving their bedding around or rearranging items in their area.

Myth: It’s Not Necessary to Clean Dog Beds

Regularly cleaning your dog’s bedding is important for their health, just like regularly brushing their fur and cleaning their living space. Cleaning your dog’s bedding can help remove dirt, dust, and other allergens that can cause your pup to become uncomfortable or even ill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs like clean beds?

Yes, dogs like clean beds. Clean beds provide a comfortable and safe place for dogs to rest and sleep. Additionally, having a clean bed can help reduce the risk of skin irritation and infections.

How often should a dog bed be cleaned?

Dog beds should be cleaned at least once a week. Cleaning a dog bed more often can help to prevent the build-up of dirt, hair and other allergens. Additionally, it’s important to regularly check the bed for any signs of wear or damage.



Dogs prefer clean beds for their comfort and wellbeing. Regular washing, changing, and vacuuming of bedding can help keep it clean and free of dirt, debris, and odors. Additionally, checking for any signs of wear and tear can help ensure the bed stays in good condition. Taking these steps can help keep your pet happy and healthy.

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