What percentage of Cincinnati is Irish?

  • Date: November 8, 2021
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Cincinnati, a city located on the banks of the Ohio River in southwestern Ohio, is steeped in history and culture. While it is known for its German heritage, many may be surprised to learn that a large percentage of the city’s population is of Irish descent. In fact, over 12% of Cincinnati’s population is of Irish ancestry, making it one of the largest Irish-American communities in the United States. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Irish immigration to Cincinnati, and explore the impact the Irish have had on the city’s culture and economy.

The Irish Presence in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is known for its large Irish-American population, but just how prevalent is the Irish presence in the city? Understanding the city’s Irish ancestry can provide a great deal of insight into the city’s culture and history.

Defining the Irish Presence in Cincinnati

In order to accurately determine the percentage of Cincinnati that is Irish, one must first define what it means to be “Irish” in the city. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Cincinnati has a population of nearly 300,000 people. Of this population, over 10% claim Irish ancestry, meaning that there are roughly 30,000 people of Irish descent in the city.

However, this number does not account for those who have married into the Irish community or those who have immigrated to the city from Ireland. Therefore, it is likely that the true number of people of Irish heritage in the city is much higher.

Irish Immigration to Cincinnati

The Irish began arriving in Cincinnati in the early 19th century. Many of these immigrants were fleeing the potato famine in Ireland, and were seeking a better life in the United States. These immigrants were often impoverished, and many were forced to take low-paying jobs in the city’s industrial sector.

Despite the hardships, the Irish immigrants managed to establish a strong community in Cincinnati, which continues to thrive today. The Irish immigrants brought with them their culture, traditions, and religion, which has greatly enriched the city’s culture.

The Irish Impact on Cincinnati

The Irish immigrants have had a profound impact on Cincinnati. In addition to contributing to the city’s culture and economy, the Irish have also had a significant political presence in the city.

The Irish have played a major role in electing many of the city’s mayors, governors, and other elected officials. In addition, many of the city’s institutions, such as hospitals, schools, and churches, were founded by Irish immigrants.

The Irish in Cincinnati Today

Today, the Irish are still a major presence in Cincinnati. The city celebrates its strong Irish heritage with a variety of events, such as the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which has been held in the city for over 150 years.

In addition, the Irish have continued to make significant contributions to the city’s economy, culture, and politics. It is estimated that the Irish-American population of Cincinnati makes up at least 10% of the city’s total population, and is likely much higher.

## Common Myths About the Irish in Cincinnati

Contrary to popular belief, the Irish population in Cincinnati is not as large as many may think. In fact, only 6.2% of Cincinnati’s population is of Irish descent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This figure is much lower than the national average of 10.1%. Additionally, Irish Americans are not the largest ethnic group in Cincinnati. German Americans are the largest ethnic group, accounting for 28.9% of the city’s population.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of Cincinnati is Irish?

Answer: According to the latest US Census, Irish Americans make up approximately 5.6% of the population of the greater Cincinnati area.

What is the largest Irish-American population in Cincinnati?

Answer: The Irish-American population is most heavily concentrated in Hamilton County, which makes up approximately 6.7% of the population.


Cincinnati is home to a large Irish-American population, estimated to be at least 10% of the city’s total population. The Irish have had a great impact on Cincinnati’s culture, economy, and politics, with many of the city’s institutions founded by Irish immigrants. The Irish presence in the city is celebrated today with events such as the St. Patrick’s Day parade and other cultural activities.

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