What meat is forbidden in the Bible?

  • Date: May 31, 2021
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The Bible has a long history of forbidding certain types of meat. In both the Old and New Testaments, there are a few types of meat that are explicitly prohibited. These prohibitions are based on religious and moral beliefs, and were often part of the dietary laws of ancient Israel. In the modern world, some of these restrictions still remain for those who choose to observe them. This article will explore what types of meat are forbidden in the Bible and why.

What Meat is Forbidden in the Bible?

Many people are familiar with the dietary laws from the Bible, which forbid eating certain types of meat. These laws, known as “kashrut”, have been followed by Jewish people for thousands of years. But what types of meat are actually forbidden, and why?

The Torah

The laws of kashrut are found in the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. According to the Torah, certain animals are considered “unclean” and are not to be eaten. These animals include pigs, camels, rabbits, and most other animals that have a “split hoof” but do not chew their cud.

The Reasons Behind the Law

The reasons behind this law are not entirely clear. Some believe that these animals are unhealthy or are associated with immoral behaviors, such as gluttony or greed. Others believe that the law is meant to protect the Jewish people from diseases, or to help them maintain a higher standard of health.

Ritual Slaughtering

In addition to the animals that are forbidden to eat, the Torah also outlines a process for ritual slaughtering animals for consumption. This process, known as “shechita”, requires the animal to be killed in a humane and quick manner, with a sharp knife. The animal must be killed in a single stroke, and the knife must be inspected before and after the slaughter to ensure that it is still suitable for use.

Kosher Meat

When an animal is slaughtered according to these laws, it is said to be “kosher”, or fit for consumption. Kosher animals must also be inspected for any physical defects, such as broken bones or disease, before they can be eaten. The meat from these animals is often labeled as “kosher” or “kosher certified” in stores.

Other Restrictions

In addition to the laws of kashrut, there are other dietary restrictions in the Bible. For example, the Bible forbids consuming any blood, which means that all meat must be cooked thoroughly before it is eaten. The Bible also forbids consuming any meat that has been sacrificed to idols or to other gods.


The laws of kashrut are an important part of the Jewish faith, and have been followed for thousands of years. While the reasons for these laws are not entirely clear, they are still observed by many people today. Of course, those who choose to follow these laws should always ensure that their meat is properly inspected and slaughtered according to the guidelines of the Torah.

**Common Myths About Forbidden Meat In The Bible**

1. All meat is forbidden in the Bible – FALSE. The Bible does not forbid the consumption of all meat. In the Old Testament, only specific types of meat were forbidden, such as pork and shellfish.

2. The Bible forbids eating any animal that does not have a split hoof – FALSE. The Bible only forbids eating animals that do not both chew their cud and have a split hoof.

3. Eating prohibited animals is a sin – FALSE. Eating animals forbidden in the Bible is not considered a sin, but it is discouraged as it is seen as unhealthy.

4. Eating forbidden meat is punishable by death – FALSE. There is no Biblical punishment for eating forbidden meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What meat is forbidden in the Bible?

Answer: The Bible prohibits the eating of certain kinds of meat, including pork, shellfish, and other animals considered unclean. These prohibitions are found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.

Does the Bible forbid all meat?

Answer: No, the Bible does not forbid all meat. In fact, the Bible encourages the consumption of certain kinds of meat, such as beef, lamb, and poultry. However, it does forbid the consumption of certain kinds of animals, such as pork and shellfish.



The Jewish faith has observed the laws of kashrut for thousands of years. These laws forbid the consumption of certain animals, such as pigs and camels, as well as any blood. Ritual slaughtering must take place in order for an animal to be considered “kosher” and fit for consumption. Other restrictions include not eating any meat that has been sacrificed to idols, and ensuring all meat is cooked thoroughly before eating. These dietary laws are an important part of the Jewish faith and are still observed by many today.

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