Why do dogs act weird after being groomed?

  • Date: February 10, 2023
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Dogs are beloved family members who provide us with love, companionship, and entertainment. However, their behavior can sometimes be baffling, particularly after they have been groomed. From pacing and panting to being clingy and anxious, many dogs show strange behavior after a grooming session. While some of this behavior can be normal, there are times when it may indicate a deeper problem. In this article, we will explore the reasons why dogs may act weird after being groomed, and how to help them adjust.

Understanding How Grooming Affects a Dog’s Behavior

It can be puzzling to observe a beloved pet behaving differently after a grooming session. Whether they’re barking, cowering, or running away, it can be hard to comprehend why dogs act weird after being groomed.

The truth is, dogs experience a variety of emotions before and after a grooming session. While it may be difficult for us to understand, there are a few key factors that can help us make sense of our pet’s behavior.


For some dogs, the unfamiliar environment of a grooming salon can be a source of anxiety. It’s likely that new people, smells, and noises can be overwhelming for them. Additionally, the physical contact of being handled and groomed may cause stress and fear.


Grooming can also be a source of pain for dogs. In particular, nail trimming can cause discomfort. If a groomer is not experienced, they may not be able to provide the same level of comfort that a vet may provide.


Dogs may become overstimulated during a grooming session, which can cause them to act weird afterwards. It’s important to remember that grooming can be a lot of work for dogs, and they may just need some time to relax and recuperate after a grooming session.

Changes in Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit, so changes in routine can be difficult for them to adjust to. Going to a grooming appointment can be a significant change in routine, and dogs may need some time to adjust.

Lack of Socialization

If a dog is not used to being around people, they may be uncomfortable with being handled during a grooming session. Grooming is an ideal time to socialize a pup, but lack of socialization may make a dog more anxious and cause them to act weird afterwards.

Ways to Help Your Dog Relax After Grooming

It may be possible to help your dog relax after a grooming session. Here are a few tips to consider:

Create a Comfortable Environment

Creating a comfortable environment can help your pup relax and feel safe after grooming. Make sure your pup has a cozy bed, plenty of toys, and access to water.

Provide Exercise and Stimulation

Providing exercise and stimulation can help your pup get out of their head and relax. Going for walks, playing fetch, and engaging in other activities can help your pup expend energy and get back to their normal self.

Calm and Gentle Interactions

Interacting with your pup in a calm and gentle manner can help them relax. Speak in a soothing voice and avoid being too rough or loud.

Visit the Vet

If your pup is still exhibiting strange behavior after grooming, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet. They can help you determine if there is an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated.


Understanding why dogs act weird after grooming can help us make sense of their behavior. Anxiety, pain, overstimulation, and changes in routine can all be factors. In order to help your pup relax, create a comfortable environment, provide exercise and stimulation, interact in a calm and gentle manner, and visit the vet if necessary.

Common Myths About Dogs Acting Weird After Grooming

Myth 1: Grooming Causes Stress – Grooming can be a stressful experience for a dog, but it does not mean that it causes long-term damage. Dogs can become anxious or uncomfortable during the grooming process, but this should be resolved after they leave the groomer.

Myth 2: Grooming Causes Behavioral Issues – Grooming does not cause behavioral issues in dogs. In fact, regular grooming can help reduce the risk of skin and coat problems that can cause behavioral issues, such as excessive itching and paw licking.

Myth 3: Grooming Causes Pain – Grooming should not be painful for dogs. Professional groomers understand how to use the right tools and techniques to ensure that dogs are not in pain during the grooming process.

Myth 4: Grooming Causes Anxiety – While some dogs may experience anxiety during the grooming process, grooming does not cause long-term anxiety in dogs. Dogs that were previously anxious may benefit from positive reinforcement techniques to help them become more comfortable with the grooming process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dogs act weird after being groomed?

Being groomed can be a stressful experience for a dog, especially if they are unfamiliar with it. After being groomed, dogs may act differently due to the unfamiliar environment, being handled by a stranger, and the strange noises and smells. They may also be tired from being in an unfamiliar place for a long time.

How can I help my dog feel more comfortable after being groomed?

It’s important to make sure your dog is comfortable with the grooming process. Before taking them to the groomer, practice brushing and handling them at home. Make sure to reward them with treats and praise so that they associate the grooming process with positive experiences. After the grooming session, it’s also important to give them time to relax and unwind. Give them a treat, take them for a walk, and give them some extra cuddles to help them feel more comfortable.


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