Does cutting a poodles hair keep them cooler?

  • Date: February 10, 2023
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It is a common belief that cutting a poodle’s hair will keep them cooler in the summertime. But is this true? In this article, we will explore the science behind the idea that cutting a poodle’s hair can help keep them cool. We will also take a look at other factors that may affect a poodle’s body temperature and how to best keep your poodle cool and comfortable during the summer months.

Cooling Down a Poodle with a Haircut

Most people are familiar with the classic poodle look: a large, fluffy coat of curls. But if you’re a pet parent of a poodle, you might be wondering if there’s any benefit to giving them a haircut. Does cutting a poodle’s hair keep them cooler?

The answer is yes! Poodle haircuts are designed to keep your pup cooler in the summer months. This is because a large, fluffy coat traps heat, meaning your pup will be warmer in the summer months. By cutting the coat down to a shorter length, the air can circulate around their body more easily, helping to regulate their temperature.

Benefits of a Poodle Haircut

There are many benefits to getting a poodle haircut, besides just cooling them down. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Easier Grooming: A shorter coat is much easier to groom than a long, fluffy one. This means you won’t have to spend as much time brushing your pup, and it’s much easier to keep them clean and tangle-free.
  • Better Hygiene: Since the coat is shorter, dirt and debris won’t be able to accumulate as easily, meaning your pup will stay healthier and cleaner.
  • Better Movement: A shorter coat won’t get in the way as much when your pup is running and playing. This means they can move more freely and enjoy themselves more.
  • Fewer Skin Issues: A shorter coat reduces the chance of skin issues like hot spots, which can be caused by a long coat trapping heat and moisture.

Types of Poodle Haircuts

There are many different types of poodle haircuts, and the one you choose will depend on your pup’s lifestyle and needs. Some of the most popular haircuts include the Puppy Cut, the Continental Cut, and the English Saddle Cut.

The Puppy Cut is a short, layered cut that is designed to keep your pup cool in the summer months. The Continental Cut is a slightly longer cut with a more stylish look, while the English Saddle Cut is longer still and is a popular choice for show dogs.

How to Prepare for a Poodle Haircut

If you’re planning on getting your poodle a haircut, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, make sure you have the right tools. Scissors and clippers are necessary, but you’ll also need an adjustable comb and a brush.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your pup is comfortable with the process. Take them to a groomer to get used to the sound of the clippers and the feel of being groomed. You can also practice at home with a brush and give them treats while grooming to get them used to the process.

Finally, make sure you have a plan for the haircut. Talk to your groomer about what style you would like, or look online for pictures of different styles.


Cutting a poodle’s hair can help keep them cooler in the summer months, as well as providing other benefits such as easier grooming and better hygiene. There are many types of poodle haircuts to choose from, and you can prepare for the process by making sure you have the right tools and making sure your pup is comfortable with being groomed.

### Common Myths about Cutting a Poodle’s Hair

Despite popular belief, cutting a poodle’s hair does not necessarily keep them cooler. The length of a poodle’s coat does not significantly affect their body temperature. Additionally, poodles have an undercoat and topcoat that both work to insulate their bodies and protect them from the heat. Grooming and trimming a poodle’s hair regularly is important for keeping them cool, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be shaved or have their hair cut in order to stay cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cutting a poodles hair keep them cooler?

Yes, cutting a poodles hair can help keep them cooler. Shortening their fur reduces the amount of heat that is held close to the skin, allowing them to cool off more quickly.

Should I brush my poodle’s hair before cutting it?

Yes, it is important to brush your poodle’s hair before cutting it. Brushing helps to remove any tangles or knots in the fur, making it easier to cut in the desired style.



A poodle haircut can help keep your pup cool in the summer months by reducing their coat length and allowing air to circulate around their body. It also offers other benefits such as easier grooming, better hygiene, improved movement, and fewer skin issues. Preparing for a poodle haircut involves having the right tools, making sure your pup is comfortable with the process, and having a plan for the style you would like.

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