Oprah’s Marathon Time: Breaking Down the Numbers

  • Date: April 10, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Oprah Winfrey has achieved a remarkable feat by completing the 2020 London Marathon in a time of 6 hours, 5 minutes, and 8 seconds. This remarkable accomplishment has inspired many to take up running and has sparked conversations about the importance of setting and achieving goals. In this article, we will be breaking down Oprah’s marathon time to better understand the challenge she faced, the effort she put in, and the impressive results she achieved. We will also explore the strategies she employed to make the most of her training and race day preparation. By examining Oprah’s numbers, we can gain valuable insights into what it takes to be successful in long-distance running.


Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration to many, and her marathon time is no exception. She completed the Chicago Marathon in 2017 at the age of 63 in an impressive 5 hours, 29 minutes and 15 seconds. This impressive time is less than half of the average marathon time for a 63 year old runner. Many people are curious to know how she managed to achieve such an impressive feat. In this article, we will be breaking down the numbers behind Oprah’s marathon time to gain a better understanding of her impressive accomplishment.

Physical Condition

Oprah is known for her commitment to fitness and for being in excellent physical condition. She has been exercising for years and is known for her rigorous workout routine. She is also known for her healthy diet, which includes a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. All of these factors contribute to her excellent physical condition, which makes it possible for her to run a marathon in such a short amount of time.


In addition to her physical condition, Oprah has also trained extensively for the marathon. She followed a strict training plan that included running up to 40 miles per week in the months leading up to the marathon. She also did a lot of cross-training, such as swimming and cycling, to ensure that her body was prepared for the marathon.


Oprah is known for her motivation and her positive attitude. She believes in the power of the human spirit and is motivated by the belief that anything is possible. Her positive outlook and determination were essential to her success in the marathon. She kept pushing herself even when the going got tough, and this helped her to achieve her impressive time.

Time Management

Oprah is also an expert at time management. She is able to balance her work and training in a way that allows her to get the most out of her time. She is able to plan her training times around her work commitments and still be able to get in the necessary training for the marathon.

Running Form

Oprah is known for her excellent running form. She has a strong, efficient stride and is able to maintain her pace for long periods of time. Her running form is one of the main factors that contributes to her impressive marathon time.


Oprah Winfrey’s impressive marathon time is a testament to her dedication and hard work. Her physical condition, training plan, motivation, time management, and running form all contributed to her success in the marathon. Her inspiring story is a reminder that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

H2: Common Misconceptions About Oprah’s Marathon Time

Myth 1: Oprah ran an official marathon.
False – Oprah ran an unofficial marathon. She ran the equivalent of a full 26.2-mile marathon in a series of 5-mile runs over the course of 5 days.

Myth 2: Oprah’s marathon time was impressive.
False – Oprah’s time was not impressive, as she ran at a slow pace. Her time was 4 hours, 29 minutes, and 15 seconds.

Myth 3: Oprah needed to train for her marathon.
False – Oprah did not need to train for her marathon, as she was already an avid runner. She ran 5 miles a day for 5 days straight, which is the equivalent of 26.2 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long did Oprah take to finish the marathon?

Oprah completed the 1994 Marine Corps Marathon in 4 hours, 29 minutes, and 15 seconds.

What was the average pace she ran?

The average pace Oprah ran was 10 minutes, 12 seconds per mile.



Oprah Winfrey achieved an impressive 5 hours, 29 minutes and 15 seconds marathon time at 63 years old. Her success is attributed to her physical condition, training plan, motivation, time management and running form. Her commitment to fitness, healthy diet, rigorous workout routine, strict training plan, positive attitude, determination and excellent running form all contributed to her impressive time. Her story is a reminder that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.

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