How do you get tear stains out of Maltese eyes?

  • Date: November 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Maltese dogs have an incredibly beautiful and distinct appearance that many people find irresistible. Unfortunately, their long, white coats and exquisite eyes are often marred by unsightly tear stains. Not only do these stains detract from the dog’s appearance, they can also be a sign of a medical issue. If you’re wondering how to get tear stains out of Maltese eyes, read on for tips on how to effectively remove these stains while keeping your pup safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent tear stains in Maltese eyes?

Tear stains in Maltese eyes can be prevented by feeding your pet a quality diet and using an ophthalmic ointment to keep the area around the eyes clean. Make sure your Maltese’s eyes are wiped with a damp cloth daily, and the fur around the eyes is trimmed to reduce moisture and bacteria accumulation.

What can I use to remove tear stains from Maltese eyes?

Tear stains can be removed from Maltese eyes by using a product specifically made to remove such stains. You can also try using a warm water and white vinegar solution, as well as diluted hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to test the solution on a small area of fur first to make sure it does not irritate the skin.


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