Why is my dog shaking after being shaved?

  • Date: December 9, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Are you worried about why your dog is shaking after being shaved? A common reaction in dogs is to shake or tremble after being groomed. This can be due to many factors, including anxiety, fear, pain, or a reaction to the cold temperature of the grooming environment. It is important to understand why your dog is shaking in order to determine if it is a normal reaction or if medical attention is required. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes for why your dog is shaking after being shaved, and how to help your pup feel more comfortable.

## Common Myths About Shaving a Dog
1. My dog is shaking because it is cold – While being shaved may make your dog feel cold, shivering and trembling are not caused by the temperature.
2. Shaving a dog’s fur will make it grow back thicker – This is not true. Shaving a dog’s fur does not affect the thickness of the fur when it grows back.
3. Shaving a dog will make it look bigger – Shaving a dog does not change its size or shape; it just looks different.
4. Dogs will be more exposed to the sun after being shaved – While it is true that dogs are more exposed to the sun when their fur is shorter, this does not mean that they are more likely to get sunburned. Dogs have natural protection from the sun in their fur and skin.

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