Why do dogs cry when they see their owners?

  • Date: October 5, 2022
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The sight of a beloved pet dog wagging their tail in anticipation of their owner’s return is a heartwarming moment for many pet owners. But have you ever wondered why some dogs cry when they see their owners? Tears of joy? Tears of longing? Whatever the reason may be, it’s a phenomenon that has puzzled pet owners for years. It turns out there are a few likely explanations for why dogs cry when they see their owners. From a desire for attention to a need for comfort, we’ll explore the reasons why your pup may be shedding a few tears.

Why Do Dogs Cry When They See Their Owners?

Have you ever noticed your pup start to cry when you come home from a long day of work? You may have wondered why your pup was shedding tears. Dogs can cry for a variety of reasons and understanding the cause can help you better care for your pup.

Reasons Why Dogs Cry

Dogs cry for many different reasons and it is important to recognize the signs of distress in your pup. Dogs often cry when they are feeling anxious, scared, or overwhelmed. This can occur when they are in unfamiliar situations or when they experience a sudden change in their environment. Dogs can also cry out of boredom, excitement, or frustration. If your pup is crying, it is important to assess the situation and determine if they are feeling scared or overwhelmed.

Dogs may also cry when they are experiencing physical pain or discomfort. If your pup is crying and you can’t identify any other reason, they may be in pain or have an injury. It is important to take your pup to the veterinarian to rule out any physical ailments.

Dogs Cry When They See Their Owners

Dogs can show extreme emotion when they see their owners. This is often referred to as “separation anxiety” and it is the dog’s way of expressing their extreme joy to see their beloved owner. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will often cry when their owners leave, and may cry when they return as well.

Dogs can also cry out of relief when they see their owners. This is a response to being separated from their beloved people and is a sign of extreme happiness. Dogs may also cry as a form of communication when they need something from their owners. This could be anything from wanting to go outside to needing food or water.

How to Cope with Dog Crying

It is important to recognize the signs of distress in your pup and address the issue right away. If your pup is crying due to separation anxiety, it is important to create a calm and comforting environment for them when they are alone. Toys, treats, and a cozy bed can help ease their anxiety and make them feel more secure.

If your pup is crying due to physical pain or discomfort, it is important to take them to the veterinarian for a checkup. Your vet can help determine the cause of your pup’s discomfort and provide the necessary treatments.

It is also important to provide your pup with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to help them better cope with their emotions. Regular walks and playtime can help ease your pup’s anxiety and make them happier overall.

Finally, it is important to be patient with your pup and to provide them with plenty of love and attention. Dogs are very sensitive creatures and they need to feel secure and loved in order to be happy. Positive reinforcement and praise can go a long way in helping your pup feel better.

## Common Myths about Dogs Crying When They See Their Owners

Myth: Dogs are crying because they are sad to see their owners.

Fact: Dogs may cry when they see their owners, but it is likely because they are excited and happy to see them. Dogs display a wide range of emotions and it is common for them to express their emotions vocally, such as with barking or whimpering.

Myth: Dogs cry because they are scared of their owners.

Fact: Dogs are very rarely afraid of their owners and are more likely to be expressing their excitement to see them. Dogs may also express fear through crying, but this is typically in response to a specific event or situation and not directed towards their owners.

Myth: Dogs cry when they’re in pain.

Fact: While dogs may cry when in pain, it is not the only reason they may cry. Crying is a normal way for dogs to express their emotions and is not necessarily an indication of pain. If a dog is in pain, they may also exhibit other symptoms such as limping, whining, and avoiding contact with people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dogs cry when they see their owners?

Answer: Dogs cry when they see their owners because they are excited to see them and they want to show their affection and excitement. Dogs also cry when they sense that their owners are sad or anxious, as a way to show empathy and comfort them.

How can I tell if my dog is crying?

Answer: The most obvious sign that your dog is crying is if you hear whimpering or whining. Dogs can also cry by pawing at their owners, staring at them intently, licking their faces, or by pawing at their eyes or nose. Dogs may also cry by pushing their head against their owners or by making a low, plaintive sound.



Dogs may cry for various reasons, including anxiety, fear, boredom, excitement, and pain. When dogs cry when seeing their owners, it can be out of joy, relief, or even to communicate a need. To help cope with dog crying, it is important to create a calm and comforting environment, provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, and show patience and love.

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