What do cats see when they watch TV?

  • Date: January 4, 2022
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Cats are curious creatures, often mesmerized by the flickering images on our television screens. But what exactly do they see when they watch TV? While cats can’t understand what is going on in the shows, they can certainly appreciate the movement, colors and sounds. Some cats may even become fixated on the TV, watching it for hours on end. But what is it that they find so captivating? To figure out what cats see when they watch TV, it’s important to understand how cats perceive the world around them.

How Cats React to TV

Do cats watch TV? They certainly seem to be interested in the sights and sounds of their favorite programs. But what exactly do cats see when they watch TV?

The answer may surprise you. Cats don’t have the same visual capabilities as humans, so they don’t see the same images or colors that we do. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the experience. In fact, cats can be quite mesmerized by the movement on a television screen.

Cats Have Different Vision Than Humans

Cats have a more limited range of color vision than humans. They can see some colors, but they don’t perceive them with the same clarity that we do. Cats can see blues, yellows, and grays, but they can’t really distinguish between reds and greens.

They also have a much better ability to see in the dark. This is because their eyes contain more rods than ours, which allows them to detect even the slightest movement in the dark. So, when your cat is watching TV, they’re likely picking up on the movements of the actors and objects on the screen.

Cats Respond to Stimuli on the Screen

Cats are naturally curious creatures, so it’s not surprising that they are drawn to the stimuli that appear on the screen. Cats can be quite intrigued by the things they see on TV, whether it’s a bird chirping or a mouse scurrying across the floor.

They may also be attracted to the sound. Cats have highly sensitive hearing, so they may be able to pick up on the nuances of the dialogue or the music on the show.

Cats May Enjoy Watching TV

Cats may not be able to see the same images as humans, but they can still enjoy the experience of watching TV. If your cat is lying in front of the television, it could be that they’re enjoying the movement and sound of the show.

Some cats may even watch specific shows or movies. If your cat seems to have a favorite program, don’t be surprised. They may have developed a fondness for it over time.

How to Watch TV With Your Cat

If you want to watch TV with your cat, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the volume isn’t too loud. Cats have very sensitive hearing, so it’s important to keep the sound at a comfortable level.

Also, try to find a program that has a lot of movement and sound. Your cat may be more interested in this type of show than a sitcom or a movie.

Finally, make sure there are no sudden loud noises or bright flashes. These could startle your cat and make them uncomfortable.


Cats may not have the same visual capabilities as humans, but they can still be captivated by the sights and sounds of television. By finding the right program and keeping the sound at a comfortable level, you can enjoy watching TV with your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do cats see when they watch TV?

Answer: Cats don’t actually see much when they watch TV. Their eyes are designed to see movement, so they’re most likely just watching the movement of the images on the screen. They may also be able to make out some shapes and colors, but their vision is not strong enough to make out the details of what is being shown.

Can cats get bored watching TV?

Answer: Yes, cats can get bored watching TV. While cats may be intrigued by the movement on the screen, they need more stimulation than that. Providing toys and interactive playtime is a better way to keep cats entertained and engaged.


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