What are the worst treats for cats?

  • Date: March 13, 2022
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Cats are beloved members of the family, which is why it is important to be aware of what treats are best for them and which are the worst. Not all treats are created equal, and some can even be dangerous for cats. Knowing what the worst treats for cats are can help pet owners make sure their cats stay safe and healthy.

Cats and Their Dietary Needs

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require a diet of meat in order to thrive. They are obligate carnivores because their bodies are not capable of digesting plant matter, so they must eat a diet of mostly animal proteins. While there are a few types of treats that are safe and beneficial for cats, there are also many treats that can be dangerous and even deadly. It is important to understand what the worst treats for cats are in order to keep your cat safe and healthy.

Treats Containing Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are some of the worst treats for cats. Cats’ bodies are not able to process sugar or artificial sweeteners, which can lead to diabetes, obesity, and even liver failure. Sugar and artificial sweeteners can also cause dental issues, as the high sugar content can lead to cavities and other dental problems.

Treats Containing Dairy Products

Dairy products are another type of treat that can be dangerous for cats. While some cats may be able to tolerate dairy products, many cats may experience digestive issues, such as diarrhea and vomiting, if they ingest too much dairy. Dairy products can also cause allergies in cats, as they do not contain enough of the enzymes necessary to break down lactose.

Treats Containing Raw Eggs

Raw eggs are another type of treat that should be avoided when it comes to cats. Raw eggs can contain bacteria, such as salmonella, that can make cats very ill. Raw eggs can also cause digestive issues, such as diarrhea and vomiting. It is important to note that cooked eggs are safe for cats, as long as they are cooked thoroughly.

Treats Containing Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are also considered to be some of the worst treats for cats. These foods contain compounds that can be toxic to cats, and can cause anemia if ingested in large amounts. Ingesting even small amounts of onions or garlic can cause an upset stomach and potentially make cats very ill.

Treats Containing Xylitol

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is found in many human-grade foods and treats. While xylitol is safe for humans, it can be extremely dangerous for cats. Xylitol can cause a rapid drop in blood sugar levels, which can lead to seizures and even death. If a cat ingests xylitol, it is important to seek immediate veterinary care.


In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the types of treats that can be dangerous or even deadly for cats. Many commercially-available treats contain ingredients that can be toxic to cats, such as sugar, dairy products, raw eggs, onions, garlic, and xylitol. It is important to read the labels of all treats before feeding them to cats, and only feed treats that are specifically designed for cats. By understanding what the worst treats for cats are, you can ensure that your cat stays healthy and safe.

**Common Myths About the Worst Treats for Cats**

1. All treats are safe for cats – This is not true. Some treats may contain high levels of sugar or fat which can be harmful to cats. Additionally, some treats contain artificial flavors or preservatives which can also be dangerous for cats.

2. All cats like treats – This is also not true. While some cats may enjoy treats, others may not. It is important to gauge your cat’s reaction when offering a treat to ensure that it is something they enjoy.

3. All treats are beneficial for cats – This is false. Many treats are not nutritionally beneficial for cats and can even contain unhealthy ingredients. It is important to choose treats that are high in protein and low in sugar and fat.

4. All treats are created equal – This is not true. Different brands and types of treats can vary significantly in terms of ingredients and nutritional value. It is important to do your research and understand what ingredients are in the treats you are giving your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the worst treats for cats?

Answer: You should avoid giving your cat treats like chocolate, candy, raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, anything with caffeine, and anything with xylitol (a sweetener) as these can all be toxic for cats.

Are there any treats that are safe for cats?

Answer: Yes, there are many treats that are safe for cats, such as cooked chicken, tuna, cooked eggs, cooked beef, plain yogurt, small amounts of cheese, and crunchy treats like catnip or kibble.


. Cats are obligate carnivores with bodies unable to digest plant matter and requiring mostly animal proteins. Treats containing sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy products, raw eggs, onions, garlic, and xylitol should all be avoided as they can cause serious health issues such as diabetes, obesity, liver failure, cavities, diarrhea, vomiting, anemia, and even death. It is important to read labels and only feed treats designed for cats in order to keep cats healthy and safe.

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