How do cats pick their favorite person?

  • Date: August 6, 2022
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Cats are mysterious creatures that are known for their independent nature and tendency to pick a favorite person in the household. But how do cats choose their favorite person? It turns out that cats have a range of factors that they use to decide who they are most bonded with. From the way they are treated to their personality, cats have their own unique way of determining who their favorite human is.

The Cat-Human Bond

Cats have been living alongside humans for centuries, and their relationship with us has been ever-evolving. While cats may not be as eager to please us as dogs, that doesn’t mean they don’t form close bonds with their humans. In fact, cats can be quite selective when it comes to forming relationships. So, how do cats pick their favorite person?

Kitty-Human Interaction

Most cats are very social creatures and will actively seek out interactions with their humans. Cats will often rub up against their humans, purr, and even climb onto their laps when they want attention. In addition, cats are very observant and will be quick to recognize when their humans are sad, sick, or in need of some affection.

Affection and Attention

Cats are much more likely to form a bond with someone who takes the time to show them affection and attention. This could be as simple as petting them, talking to them, or playing with them. Cats also love to have their favorite spots rubbed, and they may even enjoy being brushed or combed. All of these gestures will show the cat that their human cares about them and can help build a strong bond between the two.

Personality and Vibe

Cats also tend to be attracted to people who share their personality traits. For example, a shy cat is more likely to bond with someone who is gentle and patient, while an adventurous cat may be drawn to someone with a more active lifestyle. Cats also seem to be drawn to people who give off a good “vibe”—someone who is kind, calm, and relaxed.

Treats and Toys

Cats are also more likely to bond with someone who provides them with treats and toys. Treats are a great way to show a cat that they are loved and appreciated, while toys provide stimulation and can help build trust between the cat and their human.

Patience and Respect

Finally, cats tend to bond with people who are patient and respectful of their needs. Cats are sensitive creatures and they don’t respond well to being forced into situations or interactions that they are uncomfortable with. It’s important to be patient and give the cat time to adjust to their new environment and bond with their human on their own terms.

Ultimately, cats are very individualistic creatures and each one has its own unique preferences. However, with the right combination of affection, attention, treats, toys, and patience, it’s possible to form a strong bond with your cat and become their favorite person.

##Common Myths about Cats and Their Favorite Person

Myth: Cats pick their favorite person based on who gives them the most attention.

Fact: Cats pick their favorite person based on a variety of factors, including who provides them with the best care and who they feel most comfortable with. Cats are creatures of habit, so they may also form strong bonds with people who they interact with the most, such as their primary caregiver.

Myth: Cats have only one favorite person.

Fact: Cats can form strong bonds with multiple people, so they can have more than one favorite person. Each cat is unique and their relationships with different people may vary.

Myth: Cats can get jealous of their favorite person.

Fact: While cats may demonstrate behaviors that suggest jealousy, they do not actually experience the same emotions as humans. Cats may become territorial when someone new is around, but this is more of an instinctive behavior rather than a sign of jealousy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do cats pick their favorite person?

A1: Cats typically choose a favorite person based on who provides them with the most love, attention, and affection. They may also show preference to whichever person spends the most time with them.

Q2: Do cats form bonds with more than one person?

A2: Yes, cats are capable of forming strong bonds with multiple people. They may even show different behaviors to different people, depending on the type of relationship or bond they have formed with each individual.



Cats form strong bonds with humans through social interaction, affection, and attention. They are also drawn to people who share their personality traits and give off a good “vibe.” Treats and toys can help build trust, and it’s important to be patient and respectful to your cat. With the right combination of love and care, it’s possible to become your cat’s favorite person.

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