What is the personality of a British Shorthair?

  • Date: June 8, 2021
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The Personality of a British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is an attractive, laid-back and affectionate cat, who is content to lounge around the house and snooze the day away. But don’t be fooled by their laid-back demeanor – these cats have a playful and active side, too.

British Shorthairs are known for their round, chubby faces and big, round eyes. They have a thick, plush coat that comes in more than 80 colors and patterns. This medium-sized cat has a broad chest and muscular body, making them quite sturdy.

The British Shorthair is a loyal and gentle companion. They tend to develop strong bonds with their human family and love to be around people. They are very affectionate and enjoy snuggling up with their favorite human.

Although they can be quite independent, British Shorthairs do need interaction and stimulation. They like to play with toys, chase balls and chase strings. They enjoy being petted and brushed, and they are not prone to excessive vocalization.

British Shorthairs are also known for their laid-back attitude and calm demeanor. They are not a high-energy cat and don’t require a lot of exercise. This makes them an ideal companion for busy households or people who don’t have a lot of time for a pet.


British Shorthairs are quite adaptable and can adjust to different environments. They do well in apartments or homes and can even adapt to a temporary move. They are also quite social and can get along with other cats and dogs.

Health and Longevity

British Shorthairs are generally healthy cats and can live up to 15 years or more with proper care. They tend to be prone to obesity if not given enough exercise, and they can also develop heart problems. They should receive regular veterinary care and have their teeth brushed regularly.


British Shorthairs have a thicker, plush coat that requires regular brushing. They should be brushed at least once a week to remove any dead hair and keep their coat looking healthy. They don’t require frequent baths, but they should be bathed occasionally.

Training and Intelligence

British Shorthairs are intelligent cats and can be trained to walk on a leash and to use a litter box. They learn quickly and can be taught basic commands. They can also be taught to do tricks and can become quite adept at solving puzzles.


The British Shorthair is a loyal, affectionate and laid-back cat that is perfect for busy households or people looking for a low-maintenance pet. They are intelligent and can learn tricks and commands, and they can also adjust to different environments. With proper care, they can live a long and healthy life.

Common Myths About British Shorthair Personality

1. Myth: British Shorthairs are aloof and unfriendly.
Fact: British Shorthairs are actually quite social and friendly cats. They tend to be more laid back and content to lounge around the house, but they still enjoy interacting with their owners and other people.

2. Myth: British Shorthairs are lazy and don’t need much attention.
Fact: Although British Shorthairs may not be as active as some other breeds, they still require daily interaction, playtime, and exercise. They also need regular grooming and veterinary care.

3. Myth: British Shorthairs are not good with children.
Fact: British Shorthairs can be great with children and typically enjoy their company. However, they should always be supervised when interacting with small children, as they can become easily overwhelmed or frightened.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of personality do British Shorthairs have?

British Shorthairs have a sweet and gentle disposition, making them great family cats. They are generally quite playful, but tend to be quite independent, so they don’t require a lot of attention. However, they will still enjoy snuggles and playtime with their owners.

Are British Shorthairs affectionate?

Yes, British Shorthairs are quite affectionate cats. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy spending time with them. They are also known for being very loyal and devoted, so they make great family pets.


The British Shorthair is an affectionate and laid-back cat with an attractive thick coat. They form strong bonds with their human family and need interaction and stimulation. They are intelligent and can be trained and are also quite adaptable. With proper care and exercise, they can have a long and healthy life. Grooming is important with regular brushing and occasional baths.

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