Do Chow Chows bark a lot?

  • Date: March 25, 2021
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Chow Chows are a unique breed of dog that have been around for centuries. They are known for their distinctive lion-like appearance, their loyalty and their tendency to be quite aloof. But one thing that many people wonder about Chow Chows is whether or not they bark a lot. After all, many breeds of dogs are known for their frequent barking, so it’s natural to wonder if Chow Chows are the same. Fortunately, the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why Chow Chows may or may not bark a lot and provide some tips on how to reduce their barking.

Chow Chows – Do They Bark a Lot?

It is an oft-asked question by people who are considering bringing a Chow Chow into their lives: do they bark a lot? After all, it’s important to know the answer to this question before committing to an animal that could potentially be a noisy nuisance to your neighborhood.

The answer is, it depends. Not all Chow Chows bark a lot, but many do. Like any other breed, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some of the factors that can influence a Chow Chow’s propensity to bark include its age, its environment, and its training.


Chow Chows tend to bark more when they are puppies. Puppies are naturally more curious and prone to bark out of excitement or to get attention. However, as they get older, they tend to bark less. As they grow into adults, they become more settled and less prone to barking.


The environment in which a Chow Chow is raised can also play a role in how much they bark. If they are living in an area with lots of noise, they may be more prone to barking in response to the noise. Similarly, if they are living in an area with a lot of activity, such as a busy street or a park, they may bark out of curiosity or excitement.


The amount of training a Chow Chow receives can also have an impact on their barking. If they are not trained properly, they may bark out of boredom or frustration. On the other hand, if they are trained properly, they may be less likely to bark.


Finally, the personality of the individual Chow Chow can also have an impact on how much they bark. Some Chow Chows are naturally more vocal and may bark more than others. On the other hand, some may be more subdued and less prone to barking.

Overall, Chow Chows can bark a lot, but it really depends on the individual. It is important to consider the age, environment, training, and personality of the individual Chow Chow before making a decision. With the right training, environment, and the right individual, a Chow Chow can be a wonderful pet without being overly noisy.

Common Myths about Chow Chows and Barking

Myth 1: Chow Chows bark a lot.
Fact: Chow Chows are reported to bark less than other breeds. They are known to be relatively quiet dogs and will only bark when they sense something out of the ordinary.

Myth 2: Chow Chows are aggressive.
Fact: Chow Chows can be very loyal and loving companions if properly socialized and trained. They are not known to be overly aggressive, but care should be taken when introducing them to new people and animals.

Myth 3: Chow Chows are hypoallergenic.
Fact: Chow Chows are not hypoallergenic as they shed a lot of fur and dander. People with allergies should still take caution when considering a Chow Chow as a pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chow Chows bark a lot?

No, Chow Chows are not known for being very vocal dogs. They are usually quiet and don’t bark a lot. However, they may bark when they feel threatened or scared.

Are Chow Chows good family pets?

Yes, Chow Chows make excellent family pets. They are loyal, loving, and intelligent. They can be independent, but they also enjoy being around people and other animals. They are also good watchdogs, as they are wary of strangers.



Chow Chows can bark a lot, but the amount depends on the individual. Factors such as age, environment, training and personality can all influence how much they bark. Puppies are usually more vocal, while older dogs tend to be more subdued. The environment can also affect barking, with noise and activity causing more barking. Training and personality also play a role. With the right training and environment, a Chow Chow can be a great pet without being too noisy.

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