Why do Cavaliers smell?

  • Date: August 13, 2021
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Cavaliers are a breed of dog known for their intelligence and loyalty, but did you know that they have an unmistakable smell? Cavaliers have their own unique smell that, depending on the individual dog, can range from slightly musky to sweet and fruity. This is actually a very important part of the dog’s overall health and well-being, and it’s important to understand why they smell in order to properly care for them. This article will explore the reasons why Cavaliers smell and how to keep them smelling their best.

What Causes Cavaliers to Smell?

We’ve all heard of the adage that “dog is man’s best friend.” And for many of us, nothing is more true than when it comes to our beloved Cavaliers. Whether you have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a toy breed, it’s hard not to love these lovable pooches. However, there’s one thing about our furry friends that can be a bit…well, stinky. That’s right, Cavaliers can smell, and there are several reasons why.


One of the most common reasons that Cavaliers smell is due to their diet. If your pup is eating a diet high in carbohydrates and fats, it can cause an unpleasant odor. This is because carbohydrates and fats are difficult for Cavaliers to digest, and as a result, they can produce more gas, which has an unpleasant odor. Additionally, if your pup is eating a diet low in fiber, it can cause their stool to become too soft, which can contribute to an odor.

Coat Type

Another possible cause of odor in Cavaliers is their coat type. Cavaliers have a thick, long coat that can become matted and dirty easily. This can lead to the buildup of bacteria and yeast in their fur, which can give off a strong smell. Additionally, Cavaliers have a double coat, which means that they have an undercoat and an outer coat. This can make it difficult for them to stay cool, which can cause them to produce an odor due to sweat.

Health Problems

Health problems can also be a cause of odor in Cavaliers. Some of the most common health problems that can cause an odor include skin infections, ear infections, and dental disease. Skin infections can cause an unpleasant odor due to the bacteria and yeast that can build up on the skin. Ear infections can also cause an odor due to the buildup of wax and bacteria in the ears. And lastly, dental disease can cause an odor due to the buildup of plaque on the teeth.


Finally, Cavaliers need to be groomed regularly in order to prevent an odor. Grooming your pup helps to remove the dirt, debris, and bacteria from their fur and skin, which can help to reduce the odor. Additionally, regular brushing and combing helps to keep the coat from becoming matted and dirty, which can also help to reduce the odor.

So, if you’ve noticed that your Cavalier has started to smell, it could be due to one of these causes. The best way to reduce the odor is to make sure that your pup is eating a balanced diet, being groomed regularly, and having any health problems addressed. This should help to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

Common Myths About Cavaliers and Their Smell

Myth 1: Cavaliers Have a Strong, Unpleasant Odor

Contrary to popular belief, Cavaliers do not have a naturally strong or unpleasant smell. They produce natural oils that may give off a faint, musky odor, but this is generally not strong enough to be noticed. Additionally, Cavaliers do not require frequent bathing, as too much bathing can strip their coat of its natural oils and cause skin irritation.

Myth 2: Cavaliers are Smellier than Other Breeds

Cavaliers do not smell any more or less than other dog breeds. All dogs produce natural oils that can create a faint odor, and Cavaliers are no different. The smell of a dog may vary depending on how often they are bathed and what type of food they eat.

Myth 3: Cavaliers Have Poor Hygiene

Cavaliers are just as capable of maintaining good hygiene as any other breed. They must be bathed and groomed regularly to keep their coats clean and free of debris. Additionally, Cavaliers require regular teeth brushing and nail trimming. With proper care and maintenance, Cavaliers can have a clean, healthy coat and a pleasant smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Cavaliers smell?

Answer: Cavaliers are known to have a musky, wet dog smell. This is due to the fact that they have a double coat, which traps in moisture and oils from the skin. Additionally, Cavaliers tend to be active and love to play in water and mud, which can also contribute to their smell.


. Cavaliers can smell due to their diet, coat type, health problems, and grooming. To reduce odor, ensure they are eating a balanced diet, being groomed regularly, and any health problems are addressed.

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